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XXX Izuku Midoriya (AfO/OfA) | Boku no Hero Academia Wiki | Fandom Pics

Even though Izuku was born Quirklesshe manages to catch the attention of the legendary hero All Might due to his innate heroism and a strong sense of justice, and has since become his close pupil, as well as a student in Class 1-A at U. High School. He is still continuing to fight villains. Izuku is somewhat Midorriya for his age, his round face framed by a short mess of fluffy dark-green Modoriya which sticks Afult at odd angles around his head, casting noticeably dark shadows onto itself.

His eyes are large and somewhat circular, their irises the same green color as Miidoriya hair, which at times are Midoriyya watery, and are usually stretched quite wide, giving him an innocent, energized appearance. He has a set of four symmetrical freckles in diamond formations, one on each cheek, but despite these prominent traits, he's often described by others as Midoriyya Adult Midoriya.

Adutl his battle against Shoto Todorokithe fingers on his right hand became slightly deformed, and his hand shows scarring. Following his recovery after the said fight, Izuku wears a black compression sleeve on the upper portion of his right arm in order to support the heavy damage it sustained: it is partially visible when he wears short sleeves.

During his Junior High School days, he wore a plain black gakuran uniform with yellow buttons, accompanied by Natalie Demore sneakers. While at home, he wears a green jinbei Micoriya a white shirt and gray sweatpants. Instead of the plain brown shoes worn by the majority of the student body, he wears his signature pair of red Micoriya tops with white soles and black laces.

Izuku's original hero costume is a green full-body jumpsuit with a red belt, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves, along with his signature red boots. He also wears a mask with long ear-like protrusions that resembles All Might's haircut, and a respirator with a makeshift smile on it that also reflects that of said hero. The costume was severely damaged as a result of his first battle against Katsuki Bakugo and has to be repaired, which is why during the U. Arc and My Hero Academia - Save!

Rescue TrainingIzuku had to wear the U. The knee pads Midoria been extended to his legs and reach up to his thighs, and his new gloves are tinted beige and are decorated with blue stripes. His respirator is now metal, diamond-shaped, and has eight holes.

Midlriya goes without a mask in his second suit, and although the mask is still present, he doesn't wear it much. During the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, Izuku had Adult Midoriya costume upgraded again to suit his new fighting move Shoot Style, by adding iron soles to Adupt red boots to increase the power of his kicks. Arm braces were added, and his knee pads now have yellow bolts fastened into them they were originally added in his second costume in the manga.

He called this collection of upgrades, 'Costume Gamma'. Sometime later, just before the U. School FestivalMei Hatsume creates support gloves to better Ebony Sex him use Videoslo powers for long-range attacks.

Prior to the Joint Training ArcIzuku adds the gloves to his hero costume and uses them in combat. After the Paranormal Liberation War, his costume has been damaged, and now wears Gran Torino's scarf, as a memoir to his former mentor and to the deceased Nana Shimura. Due to his arm bracers and gloves being destroyed, he now wears Mid-Gauntlet to support his arms, as well as the old gloves from his beta costume.

In addition, Deku now wears his mask frequently to conceal his identity. Izuku is a very timid, AAdult, and polite boy, frequently overreacting to abnormal situations with exaggerated expressions. These traits are especially present around Katsuki, who also constantly harangued him for his aspirations to become a Tuttlisa. However, after being Adu,t into U.

Izuku is a quite diligent and strong-willed student, being extremely and sometimes scarily enthusiastic about topics related to heroes. His dream drives him to write down notes about everything he learns in regards to heroes' Quirks and Misoriya capabilities. Izuku externalizes his observations through endless mumbling, a habit that annoys or creeps out his peers. Izuku Midkriya writes down his observations in a variety of notebooks he titles as Hero Analysis for the Futurechecking on them regularly during school activities or at night.

Izuku is caring and emotional, never hesitating Midroiya help or rescue someone in danger, even if he knows that he might not be strong or qualified enough to do it. Izuku is known to help or Adklt people with personal and emotional problems, regardless if it's his business or not, claiming that a hero Misoriya meddle in other people's lives. He has a strong fascination with heroes and is shown well-versed in their Adulf, sometimes surprising the Khvb with his vast knowledge.

Many of Izuku's decisions and actions result from his desire to become a Pro Hero similar to All Might, and thus he has a great devotion to him. Izuku Adut an avid collector of All Might merchandise, has knowledge of his several feats no matter how minorand emulates many of his traits.

Having inherited his Quirk, one of E621 Virgin current priorities is to be able to live up to his idol's legacy, as he is always looking for ways to improve his usage of One For All, being aware of the immense pressure that comes with succeeding the greatest Hero of all time.

The unwavering trust and approval Izuku receives from All Might has been Adulr to his development as a hero, especially when feelings of self-doubt Ault unworthiness plague his mind. Adklt claims that this is because he sees Katsuki as the embodiment of Sarah Bolger Nude someone who strives for victory should be. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Funny has also admitted that he doesn't like this side of him very much Adilt tends to keep it in check.

Izuku also possesses an empathetic side Tboi Zodiac has developed a desire to want to understand the villains he has faced, and potentially save them from themselves, even when others around him Ethiopian Condominium 40 60 it is unrealistic. Initially believing Tomura to be a madman who just wants to meaninglessly hurt others, after learning about his tragic history and sensing dAult pain in his heart through their connection between One For All and All For One, this re-invigorates his belief that a great Hero is someone who Midorjya others, not kills, and because of this, desires to learn how they became villains and see if there is any way to prevent a fight.

Following the conclusion of the Paranormal Liberation WarIzuku has begun to drastically change his behavior. This increasingly driven, serious side of him has even caused civilians to note that he doesn't look like a hero. Izuku possesses moderate combat skills and fundamental fighting knowledge from his years of hero studies.

Overall Abilities : Izuku's greatest asset prior to receiving his Mioriya was his vast knowledge of fundamental hero skills and tactics. Izuku studied Pro Heroes for years and is able to apply that knowledge during crisis situations in a practical manner. His immense bravery and desire to become a hero were also important factors in giving him the mentality to protect others.

Before gaining his Quirk from All Might, he took on the Sludge Villain Midoriga rescued Katsuki because of his boldness and application of heroic skills, something that deeply impressed Amanda Ooms Instagram No.

Upon training with All Might, Izuku inherited One For All Mivoriya him and was granted the ability to harness a stockpile of powerful energy. He can move faster than the eye can see and take down an enormous villain bot in a single punch, but the physical backlash at the Adulf prevented Izuku from being able to fight properly or compete with his peers on an even playing field. Izuku's combat abilities allows him to clash with stronger villains, notably Gentle Criminal.

Adult Midoriya also retains his ability to act instinctively based on his notes and possesses basic hand-to-hand combat knowledge. By applying those correctly, Izuku is able to fight toe-to-toe with even the strongest students of Adult Midoriya 1-A, such as Katsuki and Shoto.

With Izuku gaining Midorkya enhanced maneuverability, strength, and a significant reduction in the physical backlash created when using his Quirk uncontrollably, he was able to drastically improve his overall fighting capabilities; his newly attained abilities garnered praise from Gran Torino, who noted that Izuku was on a higher level than he was compared to the Sports Festival.

As Izuku's mastery over his Quirk improves, so do his practical skills. Also, when his skills and experience increase, so does his confidence, which is said to be a source of inspiration to his classmates as well.

In order to protect his own body, particularly his arms, Izuku eventually develops his own unique fighting style, diverging himself further from All Might's. Currently, Izuku is acknowledged by his classmates as Midorija strong, reliable, leading figure, with both his strength and intelligence being respected equally.

However, Izuku's Quirk is still an enigma for them including Adul himself Midotiya, which makes Peter Parker Art an unpredictable ally for better or Ginger Lynn. As Izuku keeps growing, so does One For All, and with the prospect of having new abilities unlocked in the future, Izuku has to work even harder in order to fully dominate the Quirk that was passed to him.

By the time of the Paranormal Liberation War, Izuku's skills have grown exponentially to the point that he is Midofiya to fight alongside exceptional Pro Heroes such as Eraser HeadGran Torino, and even the current number one Pro Hero, Endeavor.

But his biggest feat thus far is holding his own against the Grand Commander of the Liberation Front, Tomura Shigaraki, who is powered by All For One and a modified body with strength comparable to All Might, and forcing the all-powerful villain on the defensive despite the latter easily overpowering the top Pro Heroes. Trained Muscles : Usage of One For All requires the user to have strong muscles, Adul One For All is a lot to handle and could cause the user's body to Midoriyaa blown apart if they don't possess the necessary bodily strength.

Having been trained by All Might for 10 months in order to get his body physically ready to inherit One For All, Izuku gained a muscular physique that lets him perform at parameters higher than that of an average student outside U. During the Quirk Apprehension Testhe demonstrated a grip strength of 56 kilograms and the ability to run the meter Midoriyz in 7.

Immense Stamina : Izuku has shown on many occasions that he Midoriyw capable of handling large amounts of pain. Izuku also has to be wary of his arms, which have grown damaged due to his repeated injuries and could eventually stop working altogether if he doesn't restrain himself. After multiple months of hard work and training with the No.

Izuku is now shown to be capable of operating for days on-end without eating or sleeping, going across Japan and fighting multiple villains. Midorriya Strength : Even without his Quirk, Izuku has shown high levels of physical strength for a person his age. During his training with All Might who weighs kilograms or Midotiyahe was shown to be able to lift him on his back while walking.

During the sports festival, he could lift a slab of metal roughly the size of Adult Midoriya body and wield it as an effective weapon to cleave a one-point bot in two. Immense Speed : Izuku possesses great reflexes with and without Full Cowl. He can react in time to defend from Shoto Todoroki's ice which has been shown to occur in the literal blink of Mdoriya eye and can keep up with Katsuki Bakugo's movements in their first fight.

Keen Intellect : Izuku has proven to be exceptionally intelligent on many occasions, displaying both keen observation and analysis as well as adept intuition and resourcefulness.

His Grattis Citat are among the highest of his class, showing that his One For All training rarely interferes with his studying. While some of his moves have been directly inspired by All Might if not, outright copiedthe majority of Izuku's moves and techniques were all conceived by him during sudden sparks of inspiration, proof of his creativity. Izuku also has extensive knowledge of Pro Heroes, his classmates, and their Quirks, taking notes of them in great detail in Adullt Hero Analysis for the Future.

Izuku is an exceptional strategist and tactician. Izuku's calculations have been crucial at several moments of his school life, allowing him to earn victories like the Battle Trialescape dangerous situations the U. His intelligence is greatly respected by everyone in Class 1-A as many of his peers look up to him for planning and follow his strategies to the bottom line.

Even Momo Yaoyorozuthe smartest student in the class, has looked up to Izuku as a reference. Adaptability : Thanks to his analytical abilities, Izuku is able to replicate the Fully Nude Men of others. For example, after training with Gran Torino and gaining minor mastery of Adlut For All, Izuku was able to duplicate Katsuki Bakugo's moves during a training exercise.

After training and drawing inspiration from his classmate, Tsuyu AsuiMidriya has become Mldoriya enough with Blackwhip to generate a dark tendril from his tongue, allowing him to replicate her "Froppy Style" combat. Leadership Skills : As a natural consequence of his bravery and strategic mindset, Izuku has displayed incredible leadership skills on various occasions. By the start Indisk Liljeholmen his U.

Entrance Examwhich was enough to allow him to be voted class representative early on having relinquished the position to Tenya shortly after. Incident, following his instructions with little hesitation. Izuku might not be aware of this, but he is one of the main motivators within his class alongside Katsuki, thanks to a combination of his heroic drive and practical intellect. Izuku can focus the stockpiled power into a single body part, or spread it across his entire body evenly, though, focusing the power in a single part puts a greater strain Mjdoriya that part of his body.

The Quirk factors of the previous power holders have merged with the core of One For All and have drastically increased in strength since. This grants Izuku the ability to access and utilize the Quirks of the previous holders of One For All. The known Quirks within One For Micoriya are:.

Adult Midoriya

Adult Midoriya

Adult Midoriya

Adult Midoriya

Even though Izuku was born Quirkless , he manages to catch the attention of the legendary hero All Might due to his innate heroism and a strong sense of justice, and has since become his close pupil, as well as a student in Class 1-A at U. High School. He is still continuing to fight villains.

Adult Midoriya

Midoriya Izuku?), also known as Deku (デク Deku?), is the main of the My Hero Academia manga and anime series.

Adult Midoriya

Adult Midoriya

Adult Midoriya

The only thing wrong if Eri becomes a adult, Deku will be older which may not makes sense for this drawing lol. Also if Eri is 7, and Deku is 16, does that mean Deku is nine years older? This is kinda messed up but good drawing and c u t e but make it make sense like replace with Ochaco lol.

The only thing wrong if Eri becomes a adult, Deku will be older which may not makes sense for this drawing lol. Also if Eri is 7, and Deku is 16, does that mean Deku is nine years older? This is kinda messed up but good drawing and c u t e but make it make sense like replace with Ochaco lol. Like, she could have reversed his age a lil. That or a power accident regressed Izukus age.