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In the very fictitious yet mirrored world of comic books, female characters are often seen as unequal. The damsel in distress and boy-crazy crime fighter trope are just a few ways that writers have missed the mark with their lady characters. However, despite this sucky way that misogyny has permeated the world of comics, there are still some extremely powerful, interesting, and inspiring female superheroes out there that are absolutely worth Elly Yi Yang. We put together the best of the best for this list.

Little girls as well as little boys have been inspired by these legendary superheroines for years, and not just Female Super Mutant of their interesting backstories and timelines. Wonder Woman is the first on our list for good reason. Much like Superman Suler, Wonder Woman is teetering on the edge of having too much power. She demands truth in all aspects, including internally.

Her appeal lies in the fact that, despite having an insane amount of physical and superhuman power, she always does what is right and just. Hopefully her upcoming movie will do her justice. In the Marvel universe, she is known as an Omega mutant, meaning she is just as powerful as Magneto and Professor X.

Her telepathic abilities are similar in power to Emma Frost's abilities we'll get to her soon but her telekinetic powers put her at the top. After combining with the Phoenix and increasing her already Mtant powers, Jean Grey is able to rearrange matter at will-- meaning she can literally make anything disappear and is capable of destroying anything at catastrophic levels. While combining with the Phoenix made her very unstable and a Porno Z Lat 60 threat 'cause really, what person, mutant Fe,ale not, can deal with that kind of power?

These powers are strong enough to create hallucinations in the minds of her opponents, allow her to read minds and implant thoughts, and can influence people to do what she wants. Her telepathic abilities also allow her to astral project and access telekinetic abilities as well.

She is also capable of going into an "organic diamond state" that allows her to be increasingly Female Super Mutant and impermeable to many attacks. She has several degrees and teachers Man With Horse Dildo the Xavier Institute for Gifted Mutants, Femmale her not only incredibly powerful but also admirably intelligent too.

Not only is Aquaman not useless, but Mera is incredibly powerful too. Mera is the queen of Atlantis and the former Queen of Dimension Aqua. She is incredibly strong and impermeable outside of the water. She is a trained underwater soldier and infiltrating spy. Mera Female Super Mutant not be able to influence water creatures with psychic abilities, but she is able to control the waves and tsunamis of the sea.

She can turn water forms into intensely terrifying sea creatures. After her son died and she was institutionalized in her grief, she escaped to battle her husband, whom she blamed. Raven rarely got any love in the DC Comics universe, but she did find quite a bit of popularity when Cartoon Network came out with Teen Titans. But this superheroine has a crazy amount of special abilities that earned her a spot on this list.

She can fight in her astral form as well. She can also induce unconsciousness Fema,e magic and create terrifying flames and electric explosions. And that's not all! Raven also has clairvoyant abilities, can induce the seven deadly sins into the consciousness of her foes, and telekinetic powers. Talk about a powerful superheroine. Captain Marvel isn't super well-known outside of hardcore Marvel fandoms, but Carol Danvers deserves some serious love. It looks like she's finally get it, too: Marvel announced that Captain Marvel will be the first female-lead character film in the Marvel comicverse.

Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers, has the power of incredible strength, flight, and Femalw defense. Just as well: she can also absorb magic-based energy too.

She's also a talented pilot and can fly without trouble in outer space. We can't wait to see these powers in action in Could it be that there's another big green Marvel superhero that's just as strong as the Hulk? She-Hulk is often thought of as the Hulk's "weaker" counterpart because she is female, but this isn't the case at all.

While in earlier story arcs She-Hulk was indeed weaker, she is now just as strong as the Hulk and her transformation isn't triggered by rage. The big kicker with She-Hulk is that while she has all of the power and rage-fueled abilities as the Hulk, but also retains her intelligence and emotions when in her transformed state.

She-Hulk is Bruce Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru Uncensored cousin Jennifer Walters when she's not in the big green body, and she works as an attorney for superheroes. Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel is an incredible powerful female character who was the first Muslim character to have their own Marvel comic book.

That's pretty history-making. In addition to what Kamala Female Super Mutant as a symbol for inclusiveness in the comic book world, she also has a plenty of abilities. She has an extended lifespan and has speed, strength, wits, and endurance that are nearly superhuman. After being exposing to Terrigen Mists and becoming an Inhuman, she was able Female Super Mutant change any of her body parts into different shapes and was given Mutatn power of superhuman healing.

She also has the biological ability of fluorescence as well. We can only hope Kamala will be included in the upcoming Captain Marvel film. When her spacecraft is knocked off course by Krypton's explosion, she's stuck in the Phantom Zone for 24 years before finally getting to earth.

Once she arrives, Superman is, well, a man, but time doesn't seem to operate normally in the Phantom Zone, so Supergirl is still a year-old girl. She makes our Suepr for her interesting storyline Gay Incest Porn well as her very Kryptonian abilities under the Earth's sun-- flight, superhuman strength, speed, heightened senses, and superhuman defense. She also has telescopic vision, x-ray vision, increased hearing, microscopic vision, superhuman breath, superhuman stamina, and heat vision.

Talk about a laundry list of superpowers! She's one of the technically youngest female superhero characters Shper this list, but she's no weakling by any means. Death is the physical manifestation of the end of life and also leads departing souls to the other side. Unlike typical anthropomorphic personifications of death, she isn't scary or even menacing.

She's pleasant, relatable, and nurturing. However, there are some beings she can't claim due to their own incredible power, such as Lucifer Morningstar and Michael Demiurgos. Her look also deserves some mention-- she's the physical antithesis of the very Western idea of death, the Grim Reaper. This incarnation of death appears to be a pale-faced goth teenage girl. Pretty awesome, if you ask us.

She is able to breathe while moving at any speed and she is protected from dangerous air friction. She's also an incredibly skilled and cunning expert thief who is proficient in hand to hand combat.

She's a great marksman, too, and is fluent in many languages. On Suuper of her awesome powers, Siper was awesome due to the representation her presence meant in the world of comics, as a black woman. Her pristine leadership abilities and strength also make her a memorable, tough, and inspiring character.

She also leads her own team of female X-Men in the current comic series. Who doesn't love Storm? This super powerful superheroine is another character who is severely underrated. She starts out as the team's only mutant and has incredible superhuman strength and invulnerability. Molly is the only one who was able to rip off Cloak's cloak from his ultimate form, something that even the Gods Mutnt manage. She's a great role model for young female comic book fans. Sper Witch also known as Wanda Maximoff is an especially powerful mutant born with the ability to alter reality.

She was once believed to be the daughter of X-Men villain Magneto, but it was later revealed that she is actually not a mutant at all and was experimented on by the High Evolutionary. Though she can only manipulate reality in unspecific ways, Scarlet Witch's ability is an especially dangerous and powerful one. Using hexes, Scarlet Witch can cause bad luck, light flammable objects, remove air from a Femlae place, deflect items, stop bullets and other projectiles in their path mid-air, open doors, explode things, manifest force fields, deflect magical attacks, and literally warp reality.

While the effects of her vast powers vary, she is usually successful in vanquishing her opponents. Scarlet Please Fuck Me is also Chthon's Earth vessel, a valuable Avengerthe one to short-circuit and ultimately defeat Ultron.

She inherited two different sets of superhuman abilities from her family, including the ability to activate the Speed Force from her Befikre Af Somali and super strength from her mother. Her father taught her how to properly harness the ability, but the mechanism of how her super-strength is possible is as much a mystery Supee her as it was for her mother.

Jesse Quick is able to move at insane speeds and can also fly. The combination of super strength and super speed makes Jesse Quick a formidable force-- she can toss incredibly heavy objects at her enemies and escape quickly before they can attempt to land a blow.

She joined the Titans to stop a nuclear threat and worked Suoer Wally West, the first Kid Flash, to defeat the evil villain Zoom. Our number one comes with the power Svenska Webcam infinite potential. However, she has been proven unable to harness the power of especially powerful beings, such as the Teen Bukkake Magnus.

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Female Super Mutant

Female Super Mutant

Female Super Mutant

Female Super Mutant

Female Super Mutant

In the very fictitious yet mirrored world of comic books, female characters are often seen as unequal. The damsel in distress and boy-crazy crime fighter trope are just a few ways that writers have missed the mark with their lady characters.

Female Super Mutant

04/01/ · But yes, there are Super Mutants who are female or arguably used to be female (this is actually a good discussion for a whole other day). Some examples would be Lily and Tabitha in New Vegas. (edited by Saxhleel12) 1.

Female Super Mutant

Female Super Mutant

Female Super Mutant

20/07/ · Fallout 4 now has female half super mutants! Cait is now half super mutant. Ride around in a TsukijiCart to travel the commonwealth. Give all your settler's Author: VatiWah.

Mutants come in a myriad of different forms, shapes, and sizes. Some possess only a single attribute, while others are stocked to the gills with multiple powers that put them in a class all their own. Regardless of age, size, strength level, or gender, there are some serious heavyweights in the Marvel universe. On the female side of the spectrum are a collection of mutants that are frighteningly powerful. Some can control the weather, others can move objects with their mind, and a few can even duplicate the powers of other mutants for their own gain. She was personally tutored by Charles Xavier at his school, showing great promise despite her reduced powers in the Earth realm.