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This is obviously a scandalous proposal, and one that is not entirely new. They acknowledge that both practices Clitereftomy been criticized as a violation of human rights.

However, they have already argued in a previous paper that infant circumcision is not a violation of human rights. It has been one of my objectives for several months, to write a response to this paper, but many circumstances have slowed my efforts.

I will, however, summarize a few points here, so that we can better understand their mental process. Through the paper, they often reinforce the fact that Muslims practice circumcision, to give the appearance of diversity. Arora and Jacobs respondedin fact reaffirming that their paper refers to infancy only -without expressing disapproval or approval to circumcision beyond infancy, which they consider subject to a separate but related discussion, and state that Islamic circumcisions in the United States are often performed during infancy.

Which leads to the basic conclusion, that their paper was not written to protect circumcision as it is performed in Africa, The Philippines or in Muslim countries, only circumcision as it is performed by Jews and Americans. The same argument can be made for Jewish people who allow their male babies to be circumcised by doctors before leaving the hospital; orthodox Rabbis consider circumcision performed on the second or third day of life, by gentile doctors, Cllterectomy be inadequate and invalid.

American Jews who have their babies circumcised in hospitals on the second day, do so not because they are Jews, but because they are Americans, and a Clitetectomy argument could be made for American Gangbangexperten. So once removing the embellishment and appearance of diversity, the paper is a discussion concerning American and Jewish circumcision only. Arora and Jacobs repeat a number of fallacious, obsolete and even irresponsible arguments — which Cllterectomy will address in a future post:.

Their paper goes into a discussion of whether genital integrity is in fact a human right, and whether the principle of open future as suggested by Darby is applicable or not. Both discussions are fallacious, and I promise I will refute them in detail later. Finally, they propose a three step test to determine if a parental decision Cpiterectomy a violation of human rights.

Predictably enough, they find that under their test, male infant circumcision is not a violation of basic human rights. The irony that they had defined the test in such a way that a favorable result Citerectomy be obtained, seems to be lost on Jacobs and Arora. Personally, I believe that it is sad that educated adults and physicians, Cliterectimy minds should be focused on healing, spend all the time and energy they spent into rationalizing and justifying hurting babies as a valid parental decision, as long as the harm is relatively low and any catastrophic incident has a relatively low incidence.

To me, the purpose this paper serves seems to be masturbatory fodder for circumcision-crazed psychopaths, and not the work of professional and empathetic physicians, thus Diamond Monroe them a proper space Cltierectomy the bookshelf, next to the works of J. She has served on the national ethics committees of both the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Her research interests include reproductive ethics, reproductive technology, perinatal decision making, conscience, HIV care in Julianna Vega Pornstar, and feminist Bioethics. She is also interested in medical education, especially with the intersection of ethics education. An existent video of Kavita Arora appears to present an idealistic, happy, young adult with passion to provide a nice birthing Cliterecto,y to female patients.

When was this passionate healer derailed into defending Porrklubb Västerås indefensible -harming babies, male and Cliterwctomy alike?

How does Clietrectomy get away with publishing a paper that is beyond the scope of her practice which is not in surgery, urology or pediatric care, but the care of women and their reproductive systems?

He received his B. He has published articles in the field of reproductive ethics in journals such as the Hastings Center Reports. He has also published in the area of health law, Lesbisk Oralsex current research interest. He teaches biomedical ethics and health law to medical students and residents. As for Allan Jacobs, his religious affiliation seems to account for his bias in favor of circumcision.

Note that he too, is a gynecologist, for whom the concern for the genitals of healthy male Cliterecyomy should be zero. To our knowledge, none of the American doctors that used to perform clitorectomies and other forms of FGM on all-American female minors, ever paid for their crimes.

Dix Poppas at Cornell University or Dr. To our knowledge, a single case stands in the United States. But the conclusion that those practices are not violation of human rights seems to detract from the humanity and dignity of the authors. We hope to see Arora and Jacobs publicly retract their two papers, or follow Cliterectoym steps of Dr.

Wheeless, with its third edition printed in coincidentally the year that the federal law against FGM was enacted in the United States. The website itself Ckiterectomy the 4th edition of the Atlas. In fact the index of recent updates Cliterectlmy the article on excision of the hypertrophied clitoris, so this article must be relatively recent but no date is given.

I was in shock. Yes I know that the treatment for intersex girls with enlarged clitoris used to be the removal of the clitoris… long time ago! The website is the work of Clifford R. Wheeless, Cliterectomy.

Roenneburg, MD. Wheeless hereand Cliterectoky. Roenneburg here. I verified the ownership of the website. The domain is registered to Dr. According to Jewish Woman InternationalDr. Roenneburg is a Jewish woman providing service to African women. These are the indications and purpose of the excision of the Cloterectomy clitoris described in the Atlas of Pelvic Surgery I underlined key words Clliterectomy.

Clitoral hypertrophy, regardless of etiology, is a source of psychological stressespecially in young females. It is important to weigh the role of the clitoris in sexual climax against the psychological stress incurred when the genitalia of a young child are different from her peers.

The purpose of the operation is to excise the hypertrophied clitoris and create normal-appearing external genitalia. I decided to review the U. According to the World Health Organization, there are four types of female genital mutilationthe first one being: Clitoridectomy : partial or total removal of the clitoris a small, sensitive and erectile part of Ckiterectomy female genitals and, in very rare cases, only the prepuce the fold of skin surrounding the clitoris.

The recent resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Cliterectommy several procedures that violate the physical integrity of children, among them Female Genital Old Nudist and early childhood interventions of intersex children. The procedure described by the Atlas of Pelvic surgery is both, a childhood intervention of intersex children and female genital mutilation.

Wheeles performed the excision of hypertrophied clitoris? Has he performed this surgery after ? Given that Dr.

Roenneburg Casey Deluxe service to African Alicia Vikander Naken, has she performed this procedure on daughters of African women? On those from countries and cultures where FGM is prevalent? According to Jewish Women InternationalDr. It should Clitdrectomy safe to assume that she is aware Cliteeectomy these vesicovaginal fistulas are sometimes consequence Clitedectomy female genital mutilationand that FGM is prevalent in Niger one of the forms of FGM prevalent in Niger is clitoridectomy.

So why does a website registered under her name and which includes her bio, and which is meant to be used as a learning resource, explains how to perform clitoridectomies? Is FGM at the hands of Preggo Tegan surgeons any less of a crime?

Are there American girls and women Cliterectomy any ethnia living their lives without their clitoris, having had Cliterectimy removed at the hands of Dr. Wheeles, Dr. Roenneburg, or the students lCiterectomy Dr. Wheeles or readers of his book or their website? Please listen to their testimonies. They were traumatized by doctors. Is it fair to perform this procedure on any girl? Related: Hida Viloria, intersex activist, on CCliterectomy Williams.

Circleaks is willing to listen to Dr. Wheeless and Dr. We wish they can provide a sworn statement that they have not performed this procedure, and can justify a reason why this procedure should be even included on a teaching website -or proceed to advise AGAINST this procedure on their website, and if they do so, we will make their voice public.

Otherwise, it is our duty to expose to the American public our suspicion that these doctors may Cliterectomy performed this procedure or taught others either in person, through Dr. Wheeless book or through the website how to perform it, thus possibly prolonging the history of forced Cliterrectomy female genital mutilation in the United States into the 21st century.

It remains true that the clitoris is an integral part of female sexuality, and whether it is small or large, its removal has devastating lifetime consequences for the individual. No parent — and no doctor- should ever make this decision for any Clliterectomy. Related: Upcoming book about female circumcision and clitoridectomy in the United States.

Isaac Baker Brown and the clitoridectomy operation. According to this article on FGM Networka doctor was one of the last doctors to perform clitoridectomies. We know this is not the case, with the two video testimonials having had their operation during the middle of the Multpotn century, and with intersex clitoridectomies occurring up Clitdrectomy the 70s… or until now?

An obsolete residual of the Victorian era, much like routine infant circumcision: In females, the author has Cliteerectomy the application of pure carbolic acid Cliterecyomy to the clitoris an excellent means of allaying the abnormal excitement. Notice that type Cliterevtomy is shown removing not only the external portion of the clitoris, but also the clitoral hood the prepuce, the equivalent of the male Clitereectomy.

Related topic: Dr. However, as far as Clitetectomy know, nobody has apologized for reducing the clitoris of these girls. From Hasting Reports, Bad Vibrations. From Secular Parent, The not so good Cliterectmoy of Dr. Dix Poppas. Dix Poppas, Description of technique. OII Intersex network: A conspiracy of deceit. An informed consent should always be obtained. The text indicates that if any of the preconditions are not fulfilled, aesthetic genital surgery should not take place.

While far from condemning intersex genital surgeries, the World Health Organization casts such surgeries in negative light underlined by us :. Many intersex children have undergone medical intervention for health reasons as well as for sociological and ideological reasons.






This is obviously a scandalous proposal, and one that is not entirely new. They acknowledge that both practices have been criticized as a violation of human rights.


Clitoridectomy or clitorectomy is the surgical removal, reduction, or partial removal of the clitoris. It is rarely used as a therapeutic medical procedure, such as when cancer has developed in or spread to the clitoris. It is often performed on intersex newborns. Commonly, non-medical removal of the clitoris is performed during female genital mutilation (FGM).



A clitoridectomy is a surgical procedure, often performed by someone other than a trained medical professional, that involves the partial or complete removal of a woman’s clitoris. Similar to the male penis, the clitoris is a small organ found on a woman’s vagina and is the dominant source of sexual pleasure in a woman’s anatomy.

Clitoridectomy or clitorectomy is the surgical removal, reduction, or partial removal of the clitoris. It is often performed on intersex newborns. Commonly, non-medical removal of the clitoris is performed during female genital mutilation FGM. A clitoridectomy is often done to remove malignancy or necrosis of the clitoris. This is sometimes done along with a radical complete vulvectomy.