Bikini Female Bodysuit Disguise Pics

Female Bodysuit Disguise

Female Bodysuit Disguise

Female Bodysuit Disguise

Female Bodysuit Disguise

Porr Ghostly Writer – Female Mask Fiction – Female mask fiction for discerning readers Foton

It could Blueeyedgypsy been way worse, of course. I have a place to live. I have a job. I felt happy Female Bodysuit Disguise get it published of course, and I appreciate every single one of you who bought a copy. I hit a real middle-aged milestone this year. Not really. So, here I am.

Her Smile is now an audiobook. With a professional actress reading it in sexy, sultry tones. You know you want to hear this. As another incentive, you should know that the original text of Her Smile has been revised and expanded. My first concern was about, well, sexual content — was it allowed? You can do the same. Then the question was how? Essentially you create a profile, put up some audition material and wait for auditions to come in.

I chose Her Smile for the obvious reason that it was short. I took some care with the audition material. I wanted a female narrator, although in theory it could have worked just as well with a male narrator who could manage a good female voice. In less than a day I had a number of auditions to listen to.

Turns out ACX has a lot of producers, and apparently no-one has a problem with my weird fetish fiction! Before too long Female Bodysuit Disguise was nervously downloading samples of various producers, getting ready to squirm in my seat at the sound of people reading my words.

Every single audition I heard was professional, and several were really good. Such responsibility! And good. Surreal and good. Fantastic for a first-timer like me. Needless to say her price was also right! Since when did I ever do anything fast, though? Then I needed to give Ruby some direction on her performance, to get it closer to what I wanted.

Finally I made some new cover artwork which you can see above, paid Ruby, and that was that. So now we have what I believe is a world first — a professional actress narrating a piece of female mask fiction. Time flies, eh? Blah Svenska Fittor blah cliché, blah blah blah aphorism. Here we are at the end of February, just about, so I figured I was overdue for an update. Let me know if you do. Ah well, you get the picture. First of all, thanks!

Thank you to everyone who left reviews Pivoka Diffuser Her Substitute on Amazon. I will at some point and add them to the page for the book. I really, Female Bodysuit Disguise appreciate your time to review the book. Only kidding. Nothing helps that.

Anyway — big sloppy wet kisses or hugs your choice to all my reviewers. Review the book already people. As I mentioned back when I launched Her Substitutethe initial price was introductory, for all you lovely people! Let me bullet point all that Sexiganoveller ease of skimming:.

Why do I have to remove it from Gumroad? That means in the next newsletter which will go out this week, i. As always, I appreciate feedback — especially on stuff like this, which is totally in process, hence my stop-start cadence, really. YouTuber and masking enthusiast couple KairaChloe have been making mask videos for a while, and also were taking commissions — so I asked them to make a little video for me to promote Her Substitute.

I wrote a little script, Chloe got on camera and had fun with a mask. Fun huh? I have thoughts on this, but I might save them for another post. Speak soon! Hello everyone! Welcome to February, and that means today… Her Substitute is out! You can pick up your copy right now in Kindle ebook format. I should point out, I only wrote it in English…. The Milf Cam Tube, honest-to-God real book version is coming very soon. Turns out actual physical trees, printing, shipping etc are involved in that production.

But why wait? If you enjoy Her Substitute, then I would be absolutely indebted if you could leave a review. I have no idea what. Something nice? I deeply appreciate it. I also deeply appreciate the other person in my dedication… but they can read that for themselves. Her Substitute — publishing the paperback. Should — fingers crossed — be live tomorrow along with the ebook, or if not, a day or so later. If you pick up the paperback, please send me a pic — would love to see it in the wild.

In theory it should look something like this render…. So go peek, unless you want to read the book un-spoiled. The non-Amazon version of the book will go online sometime tomorrow, probably. It might slip to Thursday. Fingers crossed. Update just in case you turned up here later: the paperback version is on sale here.

This is from much later in the book. Carefully he tucked every strand of rogue hair up and underneath the material, ensuring no trace of Darien was going to snag anywhere. He picked it up carefully, examining it as always for rips, tears, defects. He stared at the mask as he spoke in her voice. He picked up his adhesive material and began to coat his face with it, fanning away excess fumes. He had to be perfect, precise.

There would be no second takes, no extra performance. With the adhesive in place he picked up the mask, deftly flipping it inside out and spreading the latex wide to engulf his face. Leaning forward, he pressed down on the neck portion first, letting the adhesive on his skin grip the rubber.

He took his time, making sure he made a solid connection. This was the base for the rest of the disguise. He glanced at himself in the mirror as his fingers crept upwards, smoothing the mask over the bottom of his chin, edging over the bone. Already he was starting to see the difference.

His hands moved outwards, fingertips running along the lines of his jaw as he pressed down hard, then moved upwards, adhering the bottom of the Female Bodysuit Disguise. He opened his mouth slightly to accept them, pushing them over his own lips, feeling them adhere and embrace him. Anything he said would go through her. It was a wonderful sensation.

He ducked his nose inside the latex next, while also ensuring the higher parts of his new cheekbones were adhering correctly. The mask fell forward, exposing half of his face as a middle-aged woman and half as a teenage boy.

The mask itself had a pair of false, elegant eyebrows within it. With the eyes and brows completed, he could see the beginning of Ellen. She was looking at him from the mirror, staring intently as Darien pressed down the forehead of the mask, smoothing it down carefully.

Within seconds he was finished. He turned his head left and right, pressing down on the odd unintended wrinkle, smoothing the mask, ensuring the fit was tight and flexible.

Female Bodysuit Disguise

Female Bodysuit Disguise

Female Bodysuit Disguise

It could have been way worse, of course.

Female Bodysuit Disguise

Disguise Costumes - Disguise.

Female Bodysuit Disguise

Female Bodysuit Disguise

Female Bodysuit Disguise

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