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Diaper Position

Diaper Position

Diaper Position

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Subject: Re: Diaper Position. I was often spanked in this position by my parents. We usually spank with a wooden bathbrush. Details: Our children are permitted to wear underwear that does not cover any of the spanking area. Boxer shorts are not permitted, but the bikini style underwear can be pulled into the 'crack', leaving the cheeks bare. Otherwise they are bare from the waist down. You can get groin protectors for both girls and boys that attach like a gstring, or that fit inside underwear.

We don't use the type that covers part of the bottom. This means that our children can always cover their genitals if they wish too, and during a severe spanking there is no risk of accidentally hitting your child's genitals.

Couples Naked Yoga When being spanked, our children lay on our bed with their bottom sticking over the edge of the corner, head towards the center. This gives us good access from both sides. Three pillows are placed at the corner, raising their bottom high in the air.

Their legs are raise back, so their knees are out wide, either side of their shoulders; but their ankles interlock together just over their head. Their arms go through the gap between their legs, wrap around their ankles and their fingers interlock above their head. Sorry for going into so much detail, but this is the important difference between this position and other diaper position.

In this position, the child's arms and legs are fixed and can move. If needed, a single hand holding the child's interlocked hands is easily able to hold all four limbs of even largest struggling child. Diaper Position can also spank from several different angles. I don't use it for this reason. I strongly disprove of humiliating children. There is a shame is doing the wrong thing, getting caught or confessing and being spanked for it. This shame is to be expected, and shouldn't be avoided.

However Filmerhd never do anything with the purpose of shaming my children.

Many things may shame as an unintended byproduct. Diaper Position don't uses shame as a means of punishment or discipline. I very strong disapprove of this practice. Even if you have Scp 542 sexual motivations and I am sure that some of these parents doyou are likely to provide a physical sexual stimulus to your children - during a spanking!

Author: Daniel D [ Edit View Sexy Billie Eilish. Author: Mark Athlete to Daniel D.

If your going to get spankings, you should at least get them in the positions like us other guys in the forum talk about we get.

There: -put over Mom or Dad's Charurbate Cim or knees -bent over side of a bed, chair or desk -bend over and grab ankles -place hands against a wall, back legs up and Diaper Position some so butt sticks out for good target What's it going take to get your parents to stop spanking you in the diaper position?

You shouldn't be spanked in this position! Author: Randy [ Edit View ]. The spanking of genitals was mentioned. They are fragile organs and it would be easy to do long lasting damage. And that is something that parents have to avoid whatever they are doing!

It's the job Diaper Position parents to give their children loving guidance Diaper Position growing up, not to cripple them emotionally or physically. Post a message: This forum requires an account to post. All Crusader Kings 2 769 Reserved.

Diaper Position

Diaper Position

Subject: Re: Diaper Position.

Diaper Position

1) The diaper position gives you excellent access to the child's bottom, the back of the thighs and both the inner and outer thighs. You can also spank the bottom from all four directions. The position is suitable both for close hand spanks and for using a strap or similar implement requiring space to swing.

Diaper Position

Diaper Position

23/09/ · It has the other of the diaper position: 1) You can maintain eye observe their face and tears, and can more easy talk to your child. 2) The skin is stretched and hurts more when spanked. 3) The diaper position give the best possible access to the bottom and thighs. You can also spank from several different angles. ps.

Subject: diaper position. My son is 6, and doughter is 3 year old. One of my friend told me that she spanks her kids in this position and it's very effective. She thinks that humiliation is very important part of punishment. Author: Silvona [ Edit View ]. In fact I am very strongly opposed to any form of punishment that has as its purpose to shame or humiliate. Why not?

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