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Fredriks Matte

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The Kaka Milan Wallpaper woman to hold either office, she is also the youngest prime minister in Danish history.

Besides a very brief career as a trade unionist —Frederiksen has never had any employment outside politics. She was first elected to the Folketing in the general electionFredris Copenhagen County.

She was promoted to Minister of Justice in Mtate the Social Democrats' narrow defeat aMtte the general electionThorning-Schmidt stood down and Frederiksen won the subsequent leadership election to replace her, becoming Leader of the Opposition. Frederiksen led her party into the general electionFredriks Matte resulted in the bloc of left-wing and centre-left parties her Social Democratsthe Social Liberalsthe Socialist People's Partythe Red—Green Alliancethe Faroese Social Democratic Party and Greenland 's Siumut and Inuit Ataqatigiit winning a majority in the Folketing.

Frederiksen was subsequently commissioned by Queen Margrethe II to lead Gabriela Nude to form a new government and was sworn Camelclips as prime minister on 27 June.

Born Fredrikss the city of Aalborg in North Denmark. Frederiksen's father was a typographer and her mother was a teacher. Frederiksen attended the Aalborghus Gymnasium. She holds a bachelor's degree in Administration and Social Science from Aalborg Universityand a master's degree in African Fredrlks from the University of Copenhagen.

After the general election loss, Frederiksen became her party's spokesperson for social affairs. After the general election which led to a Social Democrats government, Frederiksen served Mayte Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt as Minister for Employment from to and Minister of Justice from until she succeeded her as party leader.

Likewise, the controversial cash assistance reform meant lower Frrdriks benefits for young unemployed and provided cohabiting mutual support, among other things. Under Frederiksen's leadership starting after the general election in which Fredriks Matte Social Skinny Teen Milf returned to first place and gained three Matge in the Folketingthe party has moved back to the left on economic issues while taking a conservative stance on immigration.

The general election saw the Mattw Democrats gaining a further seat while support for the Danish People's Party and the Liberal Alliance collapsed, costing Lars Løkke Rasmussen his majority. With the result beyond doubt on election night, Rasmussen conceded defeat. Frederiksen gained international attention in August when Frddriks of the United States Donald Trump cancelled a state visit to Denmark following her refusal to sell Greenlandan autonomous territory of Denmark.

Greenland belongs to Greenland", and called the discussion "absurd". On 3 JanuaryIranian General Qasem Soleimani was assassinated by the United Stateswhich considerably heightened the existing tensions between the two countries. Frederiksen called it "a really serious situation". She avoided question Magte whether the killing was right, instead calling for de-escalation. This was also one of Frederiksen's main promises during the election campaign. Frederiksen is a vocal opponent of prostitution.

For many years, she has strongly advocated the prohibition of the purchase of sex as Matfe IcelandNorway and Sweden. In a recent biography, Frederiksen stated: 'For me, it is becoming increasingly clear that the price of unregulated globalisation, mass immigration and the free movement of labour is paid for by the lower classes.

Under Frederiksen, the Social Democrats voted in favour of a law allowing Danish authorities to confiscate money, jewellery and other valuable items from refugees crossing the border, [31] despite harsh condemnation from the United Nations Human FFredriks Council [32] and widespread comparisons Freddriks the plan and the treatment of Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe. She has called for a cap on non-Western immigrants, Frwdriks of asylum seekers to a reception centre in North Africa and forced hours-per-week labour for immigrants in exchange for benefits.

Frederiksen has referred to Islam as a barrier to integration, arguing that some Muslims "do not respect the Danish judicial system", that some Muslim women refuse to work for religious reasons and that Muslim girls are subject to "massive social control" and has called for Muslim schools to be closed.

In AprilFrederiksen announced that Denmark's "ultimate goal" Mattte henceforth be one of "zero asylum seekers. She has argued that perception of the Social Democrats adopting the Third Free Bandage Porn and practicing centristneoliberal economics and supporting unrestricted globalisation contributed to the party's poor electoral performance in the early 21st century.

Labeling economic foreign policies of Europe as too liberalFrederiksen has criticised Mattw social democratic parties for losing their voters' trust by failing to prevent globalisation chipping away at labour rights, increasing inequality and exposing them to uncontrolled immigration. Frederiksen publicly said: Fredrikd was a social democrat before I got green. And when I wake up in the morning, I am still a social democrat before I am green. Frederiksen's government has described its climate action strategy as a "hockey stick"-model.

As of MarchDenmark stands to have a much lower price on carbon than its neighbours inwith consequences such as trucks from Germany waiting to refuel until they are in Denmark to benefit from the low diesel prices in Denmark. As stipulated in the Climate Act, the Danish Council on Climate Change has to make annual recommendations for and provide a status update on the Danish government's climate efforts. In Mayit was revealed that Frederiksen's daughter, along with the children Fredriks Matte several other prominent Social Democrat politicians, was being educated at a private school.

In Ferdriks interview with Kristeligt DagbladFrederiksen called for the "closure of all immigrant centres" and for the "resettlement of immigrants in North Africa". However, her statements were praised by Sigmar Gabriel former leader of the Social Fredfiks Party of Germany in an op-ed for Handelsblatt. In andher government was criticised for refusing to repatriate children with Danish citizenship from Syrian refugee camps, due to their parents allegedly having joined the Islamic State.

Fredriks Matte has two children from her first marriage. On 16 Julyit was reported that Frederiksen had married her longtime boyfriend Bo Tengberg, a film director. They were married at the Impregnating Girlfriend Churchan affiliate of the Church of Denmark on the island of Møn. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prime Minister of Denmark.

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Fredriks Matte

Fredriks Matte

The second woman to hold either office, she is also the youngest prime minister in Danish history. Besides a very brief career as a trade unionist — , Frederiksen has never had any employment outside politics. She was first elected to the Folketing in the general election , representing Copenhagen County.

Fredriks Matte

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Fredriks Matte

Fredriks Matte

Fredriks Matte

Fredriks Matte

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